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Town Hall Seattle: Science Series

Town Hall’s Science series is dedicated to understanding the world around us. Whether we’re hearing from a legendary physicist or a UW graduate student, the Science series explores math, biology, chemistry, the environment, and so much more.

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Feb 24, 2021

Dip below the ocean’s surface and you are soon confronted by forms of life that could not seem more foreign to our own: sea sponges, soft corals, and serpulidae worms, whose rooted bodies, intricate geometry, and flower-like appendages are more reminiscent of plant life or even architecture than anything recognizably...

Feb 17, 2021

The climate emergency is intensifying while international responses continue to falter. With every day that passes, another day of action is lost, and a day closer we are to unsustainability. But professor Anatol Lieven believes he has a revolutionary solution: he advocates for redefining climate change as a threat to...

Feb 9, 2021

In late 2017, scientists at a Hawaiian observatory glimpsed an object soaring through our inner solar system, moving so quickly that it could only have come from another star. That begs the question: what exactly was that object?

Harvard’s top astronomer Avi Loeb joined us to share his theory: that the object was the...

Feb 4, 2021

Many experts find that Howard Gardner’s book Frames of Mind was a rare publishing phenomenon—a mind-changer. Widely read by the general public as well as educators, it laid out Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences: the idea that rather than seeing human intelligence as dominated by a single general ability,...